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What type of insurance do you accept?

One value we hold dear is that families shouldn’t have to chose between the best care and the most affordable care. Our rates are competitive to other private occupational therapy clinics. If our rates are not affordable for your family, we offer sliding scale discounts when needed to ensure everyone can access the care they deserve. We’ll also work with you to find a treatment plan that includes an affordable number of visits with strategies for at-home practice, as needed.

We accept out-of-pocket arrangements for the majority of our clients. We are also out-of-network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Since we strive to keep our rates competitive, many folks pay out of pocket only slightly more than they would for an in-network provider, but plans do vary greatly. We are also a Vocational Rehabilitation vendor.

We are working on becoming credentialed with additional insurance companies, so please check back.

For information about our mental health counseling rates, please visit the LCS Homepage.

i want to bring my child to occupational therapy. will i be involved in sessions?

ABSOLUTELY! It’s very important to us that you feel equipped to carry over the same strategies and interventions at home. That’s where the magic really happens! We love your child, but we know they don’t live at the clinic. It’s important that the same gains you see in our clinic carry over to the child’s daily life. You’ll typically be invited to sit in and/or directly participate in treatment sessions. We follow an “I Do”, “We Do”, “You Do” model where the therapist will complete all the interventions at first while you watch. Later, you and the therapist will lead interventions until you feel comfortable carrying over the same strategies at home on your own. Family sessions, sibling sessions and off-site sessions are also options to support you and your child.

Do I have to see a counselor if I come to occupational therapy at your clinic?

Not at all! Our clinic is integrative in that we offer both services for the convenience of our clients. Many of our clients find it helpful to see both disciplines at one time or another, but you are never required to see one of our mental health counselors or a counselor, in general.

I’ve heard of occupational therapy for kids or when someone gets hurt. I’m an adult, but I’m “healthy.” I don’t really understand what it can do for me.

We get that! Occupational therapists practice in a lot of different settings with a lot of different kinds of people. It can be hard to explain all the different ways we help people! Sometimes people need help developing skills or abilities they have trouble with. Sometimes people need help identifying ways to change how they approach the task to make it easier to complete. Sometimes people need help identifying what kinds of tasks would be a good fit for their strengths. If you think any of those things might be helpful, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation. If you still aren’t sure, consider scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation. You can briefly describe your concerns to our occupational therapist and she can offer further guidance on whether an evaluation would be beneficial or not.

I’ve heard sensory-integration therapy might be helpful for my child. Do you provide sensory-integration therapy?

Sensory integration is a specific technique occupational therapists use to assist clients in meeting their goals. We incorporate sensory integration techniques, but also utilize a wide array of other interventions that are known to be effective for specific concerns and are based in solid research. We will always approach your concerns with an individualized lens. We will discuss potential intervention options and decide together what the best fit it is for you or your child.

how long will i need occupational therapy?

It depends. Our goal is to put ourselves out of business - we want you to achieve the results you’re looking for as quickly as possible so you continue living life to its fullest. Chronic conditions and some diagnoses may requiring ongoing intervention. Other concerns can be addressed in a few sessions. Typically, we strive for highly specific, goal-based sessions which often allows for a shorter therapy duration than focusing on general change. We work with you to identify the high priority goals you’d like to achieve and we focus our intervention on that. If additional concerns come up later, you’re always welcome to come back and focus on new goals.

i’m a student and i’d like to volunteer at lcs occupational therapy. is that an option?

We love investing in the next generation of Occupational Therapists. Some of our clients are open to having student observers. Since we are a small, private clinic focused on individualized care it is difficult to take a large number of students. Instead, each semester we open applications for a few volunteer slots for a semester long opportunity. This allows our clients to maintain consistency with the faces the see when they come to therapy . It also allows students an opportunity to see how clients progress, and to get involved in the operations of a private practice. If you’re interested in this opportunity for a future semester, please reach out through the Contact page.